Playing Like a Girl: Refugee All-Girls Team Find Empowerment On The Pitch

On a small neighbourhood field in Kuala Lumpur, football practice is underway for a team of young players. Undeterred by the searing afternoon heat, the teenagers enthusiastically run through a repertoire of football drills under the scrutiny of their coach.
Pendidik September 2017

Rohingya Refugee Beats The Odds To Get Schooling In Malaysia

Denied access to the national education system, Shamshidah is among refugee children attending informal schools in Malaysia where refugees have no legal status.
Pendidik Ogos 2017

UNHCR Volunteer Teacher Proud To Educate Children Of Refugees

Rose J Ngau is a Malaysian, and has been a volunteer with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency since 2014. She is a certified and trained Montessori Pre-School Teacher with a Diploma in International Montessori Pedagogy from London. She is now a volunteer at the UNHCR office itself, but she began by volunt …
Pendidik Julai 2017

Hope For A Better Future - A Malaysian Teacher Creates A Heaven For Refugee Children

When shy and socially awkward Rohingya refugee, Ayub first stepped into a classroom at a learning centre for refugees several years back, he found himself in a strange and frightening environment into which he did not fit. "I was embarrassed," the 14-year-old teenager said. "Other children coul …
Pendidik Jun 2017

One Picture Tells A Thousand Stories - Refugees Education In Malaysia

Refugee children in the country are unable to access formal education, so the refugee communities, UNHCR, and NGOs set up spaces like this one, where children gather to learn and often taught by refugees and volunteers. These are informal education programmes, often underfunded and lacking in r …
Pendidik Mei 2017

Rohingya Boy Reaches For The Stars

My name is Zaid. I am 16 years old. I am a Rohingya refugee from Myanmar. My mother and I left Myanmar over three years ago when it was no longer safe for us there. We risked our lives to cross the sea in a small rickety boat in order to reach safety.
Pendidik April 2017

A Teacher From Syria Empowers Young Refugees in Malaysia

As a Palestinian in Damascus, Lujain (*name changed for protection reasons) received free education into adulthood. Now she is sharing her love of learning in Kuala Lumpur.
Pendidik Mac 2017
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