‘Protecting Education Would Prevent Terrorism’ - EAA Foundation

“He who opens a school doorcloses a prison?” - Victor-MarieHugo, French poet and writers.

“Education is the most powerfulweapon which you can use to changethe world.” - Nelson Mandela.

“Education is the only investment with Zero Risk and the dividend that comes out of it is Infinite.” - Mozabint Nasser, UNESCO Special Envoyfor Basic and Higher Education.

Education is the key that unlocks human potential. For children living in the most disadvantaged and marginalized communities, it provides hope for a better future.But today, in hot spots across the world, education is under threat, with potentially serious consequences for all of us.

In Douma, Syrian civilians continue to live in fear after chemical weapons were dropped on their village in early April, killing at least 42 people. Elsewhere in the eastern Ghouta region, nearly 1,900 children have been killed between February ‘PROTECTING EDUCATION WOULD PREVENT TERRORISM’- EAA Foundation 2014 and January 2015. Barrel bombs have been dropped on schools and hospitals, according to Human Rights Watch, and Syrian boys and girls who are supposed to be doing their homework and studying for tests are struggling to survive.


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