Getting the best in motor insurance after liberalisation

The insurance industry in Malaysia went through an important milestone on 1 July 2017, the liberalisation of motor insurance. Since then, the insurance industry has transitioned from what was calm, consistent and predictable insurance market to one that is competitive, vibrant and challenging.

Pre Liberalisation

Prior to 1 July 2017, you would have paid more or less the same price for your insurance as everyone else because rates were set by factors such as vehicle model and engine capacity regardless of the insurer.

Post Liberalisation

With liberalisation of motor insurance, your insurance premiums is now determined by your very own risk profiles, apart from the set factors mentioned above. This means that, you could pay less, or more for your motor insurance depending on factors like the safety and security features of the vehicle, where your vehicle is located, and traffic offences on record. Since liberalisation is aimed at encouraging safe driving, a good driver with no claims and history of offences is more likely to pay less than another driver in the same class who has a history of accidents.

So how does this affect teachers who also are drivers and consumers?

With insurance providers offering different pricing, products, offers and customizability, you will be able to look around for the best value and the ideal coverage package you need that suit your lifestyle and your vehicle. Something that wasn’t possible before liberalisation.

For us at Kasih Guru, your safety and that of your loved ones are our priority. That’s why all our motor insurance plans are provided by Malaysia’s leading and most trusted insurer; Kurnia Insurans.

Kurnia’s latest motor insurance plan, auto365 Comprehensive Premier is one for the best motor insurance products in the market today. It provides you with the ultimate protection in motor insurance with value added benefits to limit the impact in your current lifestyle. In other words, it is truly bang for your buck.

Its new all-risk features, as opposed to the standard named risks, makes this the perfect cover for those who own newer cars and want to invest in the broadest coverage. auto365 Comprehensive Premier comes with 7 NEW additional covers on top of the standard coverage, and they are:

  1. Accidental Damage
  2. Attempted Theft Damage
  3. An unlimited number of additional drivers
  4. 200km towing assistance
  5. Warranty for workmanship repair
  6. Compassionate allowance for vehicle loss
  7. Optional cover for convulsions of nature like floods and landslides

With coverage that is beyond comprehensive, you will be driving to and from school every day with peace of mind. And your students will benefit from having their teachers safe and sound on the road too.

Enjoy instalment payment on your motor insurance when you renew your motor insurance with Kasih Guru. This is exclusively for teachers! Not only that, you will also enjoy up to 350km roadside assistance in the event of breakdown and accident related services.

So hurry, visit us at and register yourself to get the best protection and benefits on your motor insurance. Let Kasih Guru and Kurnia Insurans keep you safe while you help shape our children’s future.